Fall/Winter Edition of Pigment Magazine Honors the Black Woman Artist

PIGMENT International today announced that the Fall/Winter 2020 edition of its Pigment Magazine will be released this week. The issue dedicated to Black Women artists features cover art by the critically acclaimed Austin based artist Deborah Roberts. Roberts’ is a mixed media artist whose work challenges the notion of ideal beauty. Her work has been exhibited internationally across the USA and Europe. Her cover piece for Pigment Magazine is an image of her 65” X 45” mixed media piece entitled “Fight the Power.” Pigment International’s premier magazine was an Ozzie Award Finalist for “Best Design for a New Magazine” in 2019.

Three generations of Black women artists are profiled in the issue that includes a forward done by noted artist and sculptor Debra Hand. Artists profiles include Samella Lewis, Roberts and Harmonia Rosales. McArthur genius award Dawoud Bey compares and contrasts his decades of work; Hummingbird Press founder Thomas Lucasdiscusses his collaboration with noted sculptor Richard Hunt and collector Dan Parker, co-founder of Diasporal Rhythms considers his collecting journey. In her piece entitled, “Black Face: It Ain’t About Cork,” author of the seminal work Collecting African American Art: Works on Canvas and Paper Halima Taha, explores how Black artists are reclaiming stereotypical imagery; and Dr. Michael Butler tells the story of the artistic entrepreneurs, the Florida Highwaymen.

“This second issue of Pigment Magazine was a true collaboration with artists, writers and contributors across the Black art spectrum,” said publisher Patricia Andrews-Keenan. “The driving force behind Pigment Magazine is expanding our knowledge of the Black art space, and we hope our readers are willing to take this journey with us.”

Pigment International has also launched its holiday gift giving promotion under the theme “The Artful Giver.” In addition to both issues of the Pigment Magazine, shoppers can purchase fine art gifts, posters, especially created enamel pins, T-shirts and other items. Pigment International is the founder of the October commemoration of Black fine art, Black Fine Art Month, and there are shirts and pins commemorating the celebration which begins its third year in 2021.

Visit www.shoppigmentintl.com to purchase the Fall/Winter issue. Save by buying the new issue along with the premier issue. Magazines will be available for shipping by December 1.

About Pigment International

Pigment International™ is a multi-media arts collective promoting multicultural arts, culture and innovation. The organization is committed to creating new platforms for the advancement of the modern multi-cultural aesthetic in the visual arts. Pigment serves as a connector for emerging creators, collectors, curators, investors, and other stakeholders. It is a destination for art enthusiasts to experience customized and curated salons, events and exhibitions that spark dialogue and inspire those constituents. Pigment International is also the founder of Black Fine Art Month celebrated each October. Follow Pigment International on FB and IG



PIGMENT-Intl ® is a multi-media arts collective redefining global arts, culture, and innovation. www.pigmentintl.com

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Pigment International

PIGMENT-Intl ® is a multi-media arts collective redefining global arts, culture, and innovation. www.pigmentintl.com