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Pigment International
2 min readApr 1, 2024

Pigment International™, a Black woman-led, multi-media art platform and magazine publisher, is once again a media partner to The Other Art Fair happening April 11–14 in Ravenswood. During this year’s event the group will showcase the second edition of their publication, The Black Gallery Guide + (BGG+). Pigment will be in Booth 8, discount tickets to The Other Art Fair are available by using code PIGMENT20 at checkout.

This week we meet some of the exhibiting artists int his year’s show. We encourage you to meet them and learn more about their art practices.

Work by Lois Stone

Tuan Jones

Tuan Jones thinks society can best support artists by listening to them. “They should understand that each of us are unique and operate at different capacities, yet, we share the same goal to create, share what we may feel, and maintain the cultural power we have individually. Jones offers that providing a thriving ecosystem to artists comes by way of creating a space for creative expression to be realized, seen, and then absorbed or not. This, he says, helps us preserve the culture of the art itself.

Devon James

Devon James is a visual artist who draws upon his African, African-American, Korean, and European heritages in his paintings, using acrylics and oils, while reflecting upon myriad possibilities of figurative portrayals of color and form that create new conceptions of what it is like to be deeply immersed in the enigmas of the 21st century

Arthur Sangster

Arthur Sangster is an artist whose work is influenced by Black Queer literature that is relatable to work shaping a narrative about sexual romance+hook up culture, coming of age, current events regarding the community, social life debauchery, and identity+growing up in Saint Louis.

As a painter who is a Black gay person, Sangster is opening up the doors of vulnerability into a life that. “My work is influenced by figurative, romance songs, Japanese bear comics and neo expressionism.”

Lois Stone

Lois Stone offers an emotionally transformative experiences through her abstract paintings. They combine line, shape, form, color, texture, and space with her unique creative voice. “Each painting I create begins with a mark. It is then painted over, erased, colored, pushed, and pulled until I can feel its message. It is then complete. My mission is to live freely, express my creativity through my abstract paintings, and inspire others to do the same.”



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