Pigment International Founder Featured in OUTFRONT Media’s Women’s HERstory Month “Lifted Up” Campaign

OUTFRONT Media, Inc. today announced the inclusion of Pigment International founder Patricia Andrews- Keenan in its Women’s HERstory Month Campaign highlighting leading women across a diverse spectrum of industries. The campaign titled, Lifted Up, applauds 40 of today’s leaders for the impact of their achievements, while also acknowledging those who helped make them possible: the women who came before. This messaging provides positive visual representation for future generations of women while also promoting the importance of female mentorship and support.

Patricia Andrews-Keenan, founder Pigment International

OUTFRONT STUDIOS designed the “Lifted Up” campaign that includes each woman’s name, career position and photo surrounded by illustrations of diverse women. The presence of a triangle as a framing device around each woman’s head references its use as a common symbol for womanhood, subtly speaking to identity, gender equality, and a fair balance between men and women in every aspect of life — social, cultural, and personal.

“I am so honored to be included in OUTFRONT Media’s “Lifted Up” Campaign,” said Andrews-Keenan. Pigment International is my life’s work, it is the thing I asked to be revealed to me and today it exists. It only proves that dreams have no expiration date and I am particularly grateful to those who joined me on this journey.”

“As leaders, we have a responsibility to elevate those around us,” said Jodi Senese, Chief Marketing Officer, OUTFRONT. “But as women, lifting up one another takes on even more importance, and becomes our almost-sacred duty to each other. Our honorees in the ‘Lifted Up’ campaign represent that ideal, blazing their own trails while lighting the way for those who follow.”

The multi-media platform was founded in 2018 with the goal to educate, advocate and advance awareness of the Black art ecosystem by crafting and sharing stories of artists, collectors, curators, gallerists, institutions and all those vested in Black art, history and culture. The organization’s brand is ART INNOVATION CURATION. The third issue of its glossy, coffee table sized Pigment Magazine was just released.

This April Pigment International will take a team to cover the Venice Biennale de Arte 2022, known globally as the “Olympics of art.” Black women across the globe will be creating work for the Biennale, and for the first time a Black woman owned gallery has been invited. Galerie Myrtis will be exhibiting the work of eight African American artists. Chicago born artist Simone Leigh will be the first Black woman featured artist in the U.S. Pavilion.

In 2019 Pigment International founded Black Fine Art Month™ and through the efforts of Congresswoman Robin Kelly, had the recognition entered into the U.S. Congressional Record. It has also been recognized within Illinois at the city, county and state level.

Andrews-Keenan cites women who made an impact in the world of Black arts from her home state of Louisiana as inspiration. Among them Chicago’s Dr. Margaret Burroughs and Samella Lewis both artists, historians, teachers, and institution builders. Lewis turned 98 on February 27th.

Check out the campaign and meet our honorees across the following places:

· Webpage

· Video

· Homepage

· Press Release

About Pigment International

Pigment International™ is a Black female led multi-media arts platform promoting Black art, innovation and curation. Pigment serves as a connector for emerging creators, collectors, curators, investors, and other stakeholders utilizing its multi-media platform and focus on arts journalism. It is a destination for art enthusiasts to experience customized and curated salons, events and exhibitions that spark dialogue and inspire those constituents. Pigment International is the founder of Pigment Magazine and Black Fine Art Month celebrated each October. Follow Pigment International (@pigmentintl) on FB, IG, YouTube and Clubhouse. Pigment is a 501©3.

Purchase the Fall/Winter 2022 edition of our award winning Pigment Magazine.



PIGMENT-Intl ® is a multi-media arts collective redefining global arts, culture, and innovation. www.pigmentintl.com

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Pigment International

PIGMENT-Intl ® is a multi-media arts collective redefining global arts, culture, and innovation. www.pigmentintl.com