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The Hyde Park Art Center’s exhibition, “The United Colors of Robert Earl Paige,” showcases the dynamic career and creative evolution of artist Robert Earl Paige. Through an exploration of his works, viewers gain insight into his artistic journey, collaborations, and the founding of the Afro Cobra group in Chicago.

Lifelong Creative Robert Paige

Robert Paige’s Career Journey and Collaborations

Robert Paige’s career began with a deep-rooted interest in art. This passion led him to an opportunity at Skidmore, an architecture firm, in 1964. Here, Paige had the chance to collaborate with prominent figures in the field, such as Bill Morrison, Andrew King, Don Ryder, and Charlie Duster. His experiences extended internationally when he studied and worked in Milan, Italy, honing his design skills.

Paige’s versatility as an artist is evident in his transition from architecture to home designs and scarves. His move into this niche was facilitated by a friend’s suggestion, which led to a fruitful collaboration with Sears. This partnership marked a significant milestone in his career, blending art with commercial design.

In addition to his individual accomplishments, Robert Paige played a pivotal role in the origins of the Afro Cobra group. The collective, which includes founding members Jeff Donaldson, Roy Lewis, and Richard Abrams, was initially formed following a philanthropic group’s visit to Chicago. Afro Cobra focused on education and philanthropy, aiming to foster creativity and artistic development within the community. Paige does share that the groups interest was more elitist than the direction he’d been on.

Paige emphasized the importance of education and the transfer of knowledge. He highlighted Richard Hunt’s dedication to mentoring young artists, illustrating the group’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of creatives. Reflecting on his personal experiences, Paige shared how growing up in Chicago and being part of its vibrant artistic community profoundly impacted his development as an artist.

Virtues in Creativity

Throughout his career, Robert Paige has underscored the significance of various virtues in fostering creativity. He believes that curiosity, courage, commitment, consistency, and confidence are essential components that shape artistic growth. These values not only influenced his own journey but also played a critical role in the ethos of his artistic practice.

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The show runs through October 27th,



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